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Urgent Care

Urgent Care

Rural Northwest Health is located within the Yarriambiack Shire 350 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. The Yarriambiack Shire covers 7158 square kilometres and has an approximate population of 7520.

Rural Northwest Health three campuses at Hopetoun, Beulah and Warracknabeal provide the bulk of health services within the Yarriambiack Shire.

Both Hopetoun and Warracknabeal Campus provides a range of health services including Urgent Care. Rural Northwest Health through collaborative practice and appropriate skilled personnel provide the required level of Urgent Care consistant with Best Practice and in doing so, meets the minimum emergency service response expected of an Urgent Care Centre.

Rural Northwest Health recognises that individuals present to Urgent Care in need of health care at any time. Rural Northwest Health is committed to providing safe, accessible, clinically appropriate and culturally sensitive care 24 hours a day for clients that require emergency stabilisation and transfer to a higher level of care, or admission to Rural Northwest Health or treatment and discharge to home.


The Nurse-On-Call is available for telephone advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A qualified nurse will provide health advice as to whether or not to attend Rural Northwest Health emergency room. Nurse-On-Call is available by contacting 1300 60 60 24. 


The Registered Nurse in charge (RN I/C) of each shift provides Rural Northwest Health first point of contact for emergency care. All clients presenting to emergency room are assessed on arrival and treated in a timely manner based on acuity and presenting problem. There is no GP situated at Rural Northwest Health. The RN will meet your individual needs in collaboration with the on-call GP or Nurse Practitioner.


To provide you with appropriate treatment on arrival to the emergency room the nurse will ask you of any existing health problems; the medications you are currently taking including medications prescribed by your GP, medications you may take without a prescription including over the counter, complementary or alternative therapies; any allergies you may have and any recent trip overseas.


Under current Victorian Legislation any person above 15 years of age who attends the emergency room after being involved in a MVA must allow a blood alcohol to be collected


RNH has a zero tolerance policy on verbal or physical aggression. To ensure a safe environment for staff, clients and visitors no verbal or physical aggression is accepted in Urgnet Care and the Victorian Police will be contacted to intervene if necessary. 


When you are discharged from Urgent Care you will be given health advice about follow up care and if necessary medications or a prescription and referrals for further tests. Please ask regarding medical certificates etc that may be required. Your visit to Urgent Care will be documented and referred to your normal GP or allied health service for follow up of care



RNH are committed to evaluating and improving their service, please click here to send us your compliment, complaint or suggestion via email. Or simply contact us at the relevant town - click here to see our contact details.